Low-Moisture , Deep-Interim Carpet Cleaning System

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Product Description

The Bonnit Brush System offers the best of both worlds with its deep restorative cleaning action with low moisture control-ability.

This innovative universal system with one tool provides multiple results executed with one motion. The combination of the brushes and the scientifically designed quad slotted bonnit extracts and lifts deeply embedded particle matter while removing stains from your carpet.

Product Specifics

The Bonnit Brush System contains the following components:

  • 17–3/8″ polypropylene brush driver preset with a 2″ riser so as to easily fit and function on any low-speed buffer from 15″ – 20″
  • Zinc-plated fasteners on a Might-Lok pad holder with shower-feed & universal clutch plate, all of which is warrantied for 5 years.
  • (4) .022 gauge memory nylon brush inserts.
  • (2) 19″ quad-slotted, reversible, soil-absorbing bonnits (replacement cases contain (4) pads
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