Bonnit Bug – The Carpet Soil Eater

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Never again will you spot a carpet from your hands and knees!

Dispensing Spray Solution

With the revolutionary Bonnit BUG spot cleaning has never been easier. Just like its big brother Bonnit Brush, the Bonnit Bug provides all the same benefits combining a memory nylon brush and a high absorbent bonnit pad in one motion one tool.

Simply fill the pressurized bottle with water and your desired cleaning solution, and in an instant fresh, uncontaminated cleaning solution is sprayed directly to carpet spot or stain with the push of a button.

Just some of the applications for Bonnit BUG are carpet spotting. You can also clean furniture and upholstery stains – scrubbing dried stains on hard surfaces from floors to walls.

Looped, Absorbent Pads capture soil loosened by bristles.

Might-Lok pad gripping system to hold the absorbent pad to base.   These pads are highly durable and may be laundered dozens of times!

Product Specifics

From the resin block at the foot of the Bonnit BUG, right up the 54″ lightweight aluminum pole to the, pressurized tank, rugged handle and thumb-activated dispenser – this tool is quality from top to bottom!

Note the pressurized tank, which comes in TWO sizes.
  • With optional 20oz or 30oz tanks you can be prepared for spotting almost any size area
  • With our misting nozzle, you will get far more evenly dispersed solution over soiled spots…and
  • with our Mighty-Lok pad holder with memory nylon bristles, 10″ polypropylene frame and highly absorbent bonnit, stubborn spots and stains can become a breeze to clean up.
  • When not in service, there is even a plastic wall-hanging hook for easy storage.

We’re all about “Keeping it Simple.”