The Most Revolutionary Stripping System…Ever!

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Product Description

The Grit Strip System will amaze you with its ability to cut stripping time by up to 4 TIMES with one tool in one motion.

The .050 gauge black carbide grit brush bites through layer upon layer of finish yet provides the proper amount of flex reaching into and cleaning the irregular-grouted parts of your floor, while our 100% polyester recycle material pads strip away emulsified finish from the work surface in a single motion.

The quad slotted designed pad will never allow pads to slip away from center of machine.

Product Specifics

The 3-D Grit Strip System contains the following components:

  • 17–3/8″ polypropylene brush driver preset with a 2″ riser so as to easily fit and function on any low-speed buffer from 15″ – 20″
  • Zinc-plated fasteners on a Mighty-Lok pad holder with shower-feed & universal clutch plate, all of which is warrantied for 5 years
  • (4) Black .050-80 Silicon Carbide Grit stripping brushes for removing even multiple coats of both acrylic and water-based urethane emulsion finishes
  • (4) 1.25″ x 5.5″ polypropylene brush backing PLUS,(4) 1.25″ x 5.5″ polypropylene brush spacers for bristle extended use
  • Brown stripping pads for wet or dry stripping application aggressively removes wax, dirt, and old finish leaving surface ready for refinishing.
  • Black extra aggressive pad, excellent for removal of burnished floor finishes
  • Burgundy pads are specifically designed for the heaviest duty stripping tasks, with heavy duty denier fiber more abrasive than grit and a more open weave to produce the ultimate stripping pad.