Deep Cleaning, Scrubbing Solution System

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Product Description

The Grit Scrub System top scrubs the irregular and flat floor surfaces with one tool in one motion.

The .035 gauge blue carbide grit brush provides the proper amount of flex reaching into and cleaning the irregular-grouted parts of your floor, while our 100% polyester recycle material pads cleans and removes heavy dirt and scuff marks from floor surface in one motion.

The quad slotted designed pad will never allow pads to slip away from center of machine.

Product Specifics

The 3-D Grit Scrub System contains the following components:

  • 17–3/8″ polypropylene brush driver preset with a 2″ riser so as to easily fit and function on any low-speed buffer from 15″ – 20″
  • Zinc-plated fasteners on a Mighty-Lok pad holder with shower-feed & universal clutch plate, all of which is warrantied for 5 year
  • (4) Blue .035-180 Silicon Carbide Grit top scrubbing brushes for frequent maintenance cleaning, flexible enough for cleaning narrow and wide grout lines and uneven surfaces
  • (4) 1.25″ x 5.5″ polypropylene brush backing PLUS,(4) 1.25″ x 5.5″ polypropylene brush spacers for bristle extended use
  • Green (100% polyester recycled material) scrubbing pads removes heavy dirt and scuff marks prior to recoating, OR Blue scrubbing pads removes dirt and scuff marks from heavily soiled floors prior to recoating