Carpet Solutions

The Bonnit Brush System offers the best of both worlds with its deep restorative cleaning action with low moisture controllability. This innovative universal system with one tool provides multiple results executed with one motion. The combination of the brushes and the scientifically designed quad slotted bonnit extracts and lifts deeply embedded particle matter while removing stains from your carpet. Bonnit Brush Systems pile lifting action helps groom the nap of your carpet, eliminating traffic patterns while prolonging the life of your carpet. The benefits of Bonnit Brushing provides quicker dry time, labor cost savings, and a low moisture deep restorative cleaning tool.

Pad Holder
17-3/8″ Polypropylene pad & brush driver 2″ Riser to adapt to machine from 15″ through 19″ Zinc plated toggle bolts and brush mounting screws
Mighty LOK pads holder with shower feed
Naturally designed centering pad holder
5- year manufacturer’s warranty

Memory nylon carpet brushes
.022 Gauge commercial carpet / .016 gauge for residential carpet
1″ Staple set trim height
1.25″ x 5.5″ polypropylene brush backing
Reversible and replaceable

19″ Quad Slotted Bonnit
Turan yarn scientifically designed for maximum absorbency, release and durability.
Ideal for low profile, high density commercial carpet, with heavy soil restorative cleaning
Quad slotted design provides a natural particle extraction with optimal air flow and drying time.
Machine bound twice with nylon 70 denier along with the tufted Turan yarn the bonnit is made of.