About Us

Our mission is very simple, Top Draw Quality in our products, First Class Customer Service, Bottom Line Pricing. Combining these attributes along with any great invention continues to keep us ahead of the curve.

Bonnit Brush LLC was developed in 1989 with my first invention combining brushes and pads and the partnership with my brother an expert in manufacturing textile products. After many years of design and testing we brought a full line of patented floor care products ranging from carpet, top scrubbing, and stripping, using brushes and pads together with one tool in one motion.

Our warehouse and offices are out of Bensalem Pennsylvania. As we continue to strive towards our products made in the USA our quality and service still remains at the top. Bonnit Brush has earned a reputation for innovating some of the greatest floor cleaning tools in the janitorial sanitation industry. With its excellent customer service, on time delivery and great pricing we continue to come up with great inventions providing cost savings with cleaner results.